SCM is Ukraine’s largest investment group that has a global presence. SCM businesses and holding companies currently operate in Ukraine, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

SCM’s main investment company is SCM Holdings Limited, based in Cyprus. We invest in Metals and Mining (Metinvest B.V. (The Netherlands)); Energy (DTEK B.V. (The Netherlands)), Minerals, Banking and Finance (FUIB); Media; Telecoms (Ukrtelecom); Retail (TSUM Kyiv), Agriculture (HarvEast), and Transport and Logistics (Lemtrans and Portinvest).

SCM is also an active global venture capital (VC) investor. SCM Advisors (UK) Limited is our VC vehicle that since 2015 has been focusing on investments in early-stage companies in Europe and the USA. SCM’s VC vehicle for Ukraine is UMG Investments. Its starts and develops businesses with high growth potential. The investment focus of UMG Investments – mining, recycling solutions, production of commodity goods and services.

SCM as investor puts its own capital into business opportunities that it finds attractive. It closely monitors the performance of its investments, including through participation of its investment managers in corporate governance of SCM’s investees.

SCM’s sole owner and investor is Rinat Akhmetov—a prominent Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist who has consistently spoken in defense of unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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