Holding Social Policy


HarvEast Holding in its everyday activity holds the principles of corporate responsibility and state development. We are aspiring to create fitting and safe working conditions for our employees, developing their professional potential, caring about environment and making a contribution to social and economy development of territories, on which we are working.

HarvEast shares common principles and steps to realization of activity in the field of state development, which are fixed in "A politics of SCM in the field of state development".

The main directions of our activity in the field of state development:

  • health and safety of employees;
  • prosperity and development of employees;
  • development of local communities;
  • protection of environment and improving of energy efficiency;
  • interaction with interested parties;
  • corporate volunteering;
  • quality of produce and service;
  • business-ethics and corporate managing.

HarvEast devotes a significant attention to creation of safety and comfortable working conditions for own employees. We are doing everything to avoid occupational injuries on our enterprises. We are inoculating our employees a culture of safety work and trying to avoid occupational illnesses.

There is effective system of health and regulations managing and industrial safety in the Holding, also was developed and introduced a whole row of documents, which are ordered this activity. There are regular teaching of health and regulations for employees, every quarter are held the instructions by health and regulations and fire safety in accordance with corporate standards, and also internal audit of state of health and regulations.


For HarvEast Holding employees are the most valuable active. All the workers have the similar possibilities for professional and personal increase. We are allowing our employees a competitive reward, investing in their teaching and development.

A special attention we are devoting to cooperation with educational institutions, within that we're introducing modern programs of teaching in partner educational institutions, which orientate to requirements of modern agribusiness, and also we are attracting students for passing a practice with possibility of future placement on Holding's actives.


The main focus of HarvEast Holding's social strategy are programs and projects, which are promoting an increase of quality of life on territories where Holding's actives are present.

At the choose of social programs and projects Holding supports on the next criteria:

  • conformity to social strategy of Holding;
  • conformity to social subpoena of region;
  • admittance of results for district residents;
  • long "durability" of result.

During 2011-2014 years Holding refered for development of social important projects for territories where Holding is present over than 30 million hrn.

Among the main directions of our projects are:

  • development of small and medium business;
  • development and recovery of village infrastructure: gas pipelines, water supply systems;
  • installation of street lighting;
  • major repairs of nurseries and schools;
  • arrangement of children and sport platforms;
  • recovery of village ambulatories and paramedics centers;
  • help for culture institutions.

In the field of environment saving Holding carries the complex events of soils safe and its fertilities, effective use of water resources and responsible handling with departures.

A responsible arable farming

  • The use of modern machinery, which allows carefully attitude to soil, reduction of ruel materials consume, so minimize emissions.
  • The use of soil's biochemical analyze, which allows to exclude the glut of plant protection products, fertilizers and minerals.
  • The use of GPS-technology, which allows to share out districts, which aren't subject to tilling (mounds, saltmarshes).
  • The introducing no-till technology, which allows to save a moisture in the ground and reduce a risk of its degradation and erosion.

The minimal technology using of soil tilling

Our treatment for agribusiness bases on saving and improvement of soil long-term productivity, which contains the next:

  • using a correct crop rotation;
  • introduction a reasonable quantity of fertilizers;
  • saving a moisture in the ground.

At the last financial year a part of our lands was tilled by using a technology of minimal soil tilling, which allowed to reduce a risk of soil erosion and expence of fuel during its tilling.

The main aim of Holding's enterprises in energy efficiency and energy saving area in short and middle-term prospects is introducing the energy saving technologies. In long-term prospects a company is planning to hold a modernization of energy-consuming equipment on the all Holding's enterprises.

The Holding's projects in the area of energy efficiency we can conditionally share by some directions :

  • modernization of equipment and machinery;
  • introducing of energy saving in the production;
  • realization of energy saving projects on the social infrastructure objects in the regions where Holding is present.

A significant part in energy saving plays a modernization of production equipment and machinery. From the foundation of Holding in March 2011 the costs for modernization were 50 mln dollars, so we can speak about big reduce of energy in industrial scales. The one of the most effective Holding projects in the area of resources saving was equip the agriculture machinery by special GPS-sensors, which allowed to optimize its work and reduce the use of fuel materials by 20% on the connected machinery. Energy efficiency is very important at the work with ground. As a big part of Holding's lands are located in the risky arable farming area, the getting of stable planned harvests is reaching by using the moisture saving technologies.


The building of construction and mutual profitable relations with interested parties is the one of the main tasks of HarvEast Holding.

The interested parties for Holding are:

  • our employees;
  • residents of territories where Holding is present;
  • suppliers and partners;
  • clients;
  • local authorities;
  • social organizations;
  • business-association;
  • investors and financial institutions;
  • experts;
  • media.

We are thinking that thanks to effective interaction with interested parties we can increase an effectiveness of Holding social programs, which are directed for solution of social and economic problems of region where Holding is present. For Holding the key subject in interaction with interested parties is a question about improvement of social infrastructure of villages. At the first, there are repair and restoring of water supply systems, paramedics and midwifery centers, schools, nurseries, centers of social and culture activities. Regularly HarvEast Holding answers the circulations of local authorities heads and residents of territories where it is present, within its social programs it purposefully decides these questions. For determination of prior questions and its executive solutions in every region when Holding is present HarvEast holds 3 annual meetings with local bulks as an assembly of citizens. Besides, the heads of agroclusters and directors of subsidiary enterprises every week hold the receptions of citizens and react fast to happened situations. itizens. Besides, the heads of agroclusters and directors of subsidiary enterprises every week hold the receptions of citizens and react fast to happened situations.


Holding encourages and supports volunteering of employees within realization corporate volunteering program of SCM Group.


HarvEast is the most responsible approach to ensuring the quality of crop and livestock products. To this end, the holding has developed and implemented a multi-stage quality control system for all its products.

For example, a complex of laboratories geographically linked to agroclusters is used to assess the quality of dairy products and grain.

Innovative approaches and technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops, scientifically grounded and fixed practically at the laying of fields, make it possible to get the maximum result. What is especially important, given the conduct of activities of the agricultural holding mainly in the zone of risky agriculture.

All this allows HarvEast to produce and sell products that meet state and international quality standards.


In relations with employees, partners and contractors we are following by accepted in the Holding Code of ethics, which determs the binding ethical standards of doing our business. The Code is developed with common principles of SCM Group, which lay in activity basis of all Group companies and formulated in the document "We are working this way".

The main principles of Holding ethics are:

  • decency in relations with contractors and business partners;
  • respect for individual and maintenance of human rights (including health and regulations);
  • transparency and openness;
  • state development and social responsibility;
  • settlement of interest conflict;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • defence of company's property, opposition to deviousness;
  • environment saving;
  • ethics of behavior.

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