System Capital Management (SCM) was founded in 2000.

SCM Company is a professional investor, which owns and manages assets in mining and metal, energy, banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, machine building, clay production and pharmaceutical sectors as well as in real estate, agricultural, retail sales, oil product sales and transportation business.

SCM Group includes SCM managing company and all businesses where the Company makes investments. The Group comprises over 100 enterprises and organizations in Ukraine, Russia, European Union (Italy, Great Britain and Bulgaria), Switzerland and the USA, which employ about 200,000 people.

SCM is the largest national investor and plays the key role in the economy of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Rinat Akhmetov owns 100% of SCM.


Smart Holding – Smart Holding is an investment group focused on investing in Ukraine, the CIS and Europe. It develops projects in mining & metals (Metinvest), oil (Regal Petroleum), non-metallic materials (Smart-Nerudprom), shipbuilding (Smart Maritime Group) and agricultural processing (Veres). In addition, the holding is building a deepwater port in Ochakov town and manages a range of companies in other industries.

Smart Holding is beneficially owned by Vadim Novinsky.