HarvEast today

HarvEast - Ukrainian company, which manages agricultural assets SC «ILYICH AGRO DONBAS» (Donetsk region), AGRO-HOLDING MC LLC (Kyiv, Zhytomyr region), "HARVEAST TRADING" and «HARVEAST ASSETS».

Land bank - 127 thousand hectares.

Areas of activity:

- crop production (wheat, sunflower, pulses, corn);

- dairy farming;

- seed production,

- gardening.

Established on 10 March 2011, the Holding took control over the agricultural assets of Ilyich Steel Plant.

The holding is actively introducing irrigation systems, developing a seed line - since 2017, it has been cooperating with world seed producers, and in 2018 launched its own seed line.

HarvEast farms produce premium quality milk.

HarvEast mission is to lead in agricultural production in Ukraine through experience and innovation, working as a team and being guided by the principles of transparency and responsibility towards employees and society.

Chief Executive Officer - Dmitry Skornyakov.

Number of employees: 1 800.

HarvEast Holding's shareholders are SCM and Smart Holding Group.

Our values:

  • leadership;
  • responsibility;
  • professionalism;
  • effectiveness;
  • reliability